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Working on a GTA V parody

2/26/14 by MAbrantes
Updated 3/9/14

What's up, guys.

I've been working on a GTA V parody, starring Trevor Philips, for the past week. I have the script (Which will be in English this time. Yeeey!) and 2 out of 4~5 backgrounds/scenarios already done.

Yesterday, I spent about 6 hours animating a scene of a single car exploding and I'm not even halfway... But I'm pretty excited about this animation in particular.

I haven't decided yet if I'll record the voices myself or ask for a collab... What do you guys advise me to do? Personally, I would prefer having the collaboration of a good voice actor, but I don't know if it's easy to find one and FOR FREE around here... Is it?!

No pictures this time, sorry about that (I'm posting from my internship).

- - -

[Edit] Here's a single frame of it. In my opinion, images really make difference so... yeah.

4956340_139356184783_GTAV.jpg(Work in progress, of course)


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Só de ter assistido sua animação vi que você merece muito mais que 2 fans. Além disso te desejo boa sorte nesse projeto :D

3/5/14 MAbrantes responds:

Brigadão mesmo, Elias! Ainda sou novo aqui no NG, não 'conheço' muita gente, mas é sempre bom esbarrar com brasileiros. Seu comentário me deu ainda mais ânimo pra continuar com as animações. Grande abraço.



good luck man :D

2/26/14 MAbrantes responds:

Thanks! ^^



Oh man, 6 hours on a single explosion? I really hope the audience here appreciates the detail and framerate! Try looking here You might find a voice actor you like, and it's all usually free, since it's in the community.

2/26/14 MAbrantes responds:

Thank you again, my man! Helpful as always.